Sculpture & Mixed media

STUDIo lukens


Copper, Bicycle Inner Tubes & Tacks

48" x 24" x 2"



Although essentially a self taught artist, my passion has led to unique apprentice and educational opportunities, including serving as the artist assistant to internationally recognized sculptor and artist Gong Yuebin; work with The Art Foundry in Sacramento; a private workshop with renowned Berkeley patineur Dan Romo and completion of a jewelry making course, a knife making workshop and an encaustic painting course.


My work reflects a dedication to environmental sustainability and incorporates repurposed materials, found objects and reclaimed metal. 

My primary medium has been bronze casting and mixed media sculpture. I also frequently utilize 

upcycled copper and inner tubes in combination with encaustic paint, canvas, wire and hog casing. 


Creative inspiration comes from walks and bicycling along the American River in my hometown of Sacramento and throughout the State of California, taking in the visual textures of bark, stones and brush along with the acoustical qualities of lapping water & rustling  leaves. 

Awards & Public relations


Merit Award

2016 Magnum Opus, Sacramento Fine Arts Center

Merit Award 

2016 Oakwilde Ranch & Sculpture Spring Show & Exhibition 

Award of Excellence 

2008 Valley Sculpture Artists 7th Annual Open Sculpture Exhibition 

Awards of Merit (Sculptures)

2006 California State Fair

Memorial Award

2006 Magnum Opus XVII

Sacramento Fine Arts Center 

Award of Excellence

2005 Valley Sculpture Artists 

Open Sculpture Exhibit

Award of Excellence

2004 New Artworks Gallery/Celebration of Spirit 

President's Award

2003 Valley Sculpture Artists

 6th Annual Open Show

Best of Show 

2002 Roseville Art Center 

32nd Annual Membership Show


Sacramento Tree Foundation

2014 Tree Hero Awards Celebration

Copper Leaves and Sculpture 

Jesuit High School 

2006 43rd Annual Pace Gala & Auction 

Bronze Vase

River Oak Center for Children

2002 Spring Ball

Bronze Vase


2002 Art Auction

Bronze Vase

Contact Me

(916) 934-8393